Katie V
"I used to go to Scruffs back in the 80s before I moved away from Cambridge. When I returned in 2004 I went back to them as those 80s haircuts (and perms) were some of the best I'd had. I wasn't disappointed. Grant always does a great job with my difficult hair and is happy to spend the time getting things right. I booked my teenage daughter in at Christmas to get her hair cut from long to short for her pressie - totally fabulous customer service from Grant and she was delighted. Stylish surroundings but not at all pretentious - everybody is very friendly and helpful. If you have a fringe then a free fringe trim in between cuts is part of the service."

Vanessa Bromley
"I have been visiting Scruffs for a number of years whenever I can and, in my opinion, the quality of every aspect of the experience is outstanding. In my experience there is always VIP treatment from the moment I step over the threshhold and every hairdresser I have met there - including Nicola, Louise, Lily, Christian and several others - has been 100% committed to ensuring I have a wonderful experience and go away happy. On my most recent visit I needed a lot of assistance and Scruffs could not have been more helpful in ensuring that I was comfortable and allowed extra time to do my hair. Julia co-ordinated everything beautifully and was exceptionally kind and helpful. There is no other salon in Cambridge I would go to now! The icing on the cake is the spacious, stylish and elegant decor."

Liz Fuller
"I have been going to Scruffs since 1990 and Gary has done my hair most of that time I have never had a bad haircut and am always pleased with the results. He has never cut my hair too short as it doesn't suit me. Recently I have had Rachel and she is lovely too and I am pleased with the results. Everyone in the salon is very friendly and it is a really nice experience to feel pampered and looked after. I have been to other salons on a couple of occasions but have always migrated back to Scruffs as the others always wanted to cut my hair short. Long live Sruffs!!"

Anna Brown
"I've been going to Scruffs for 15 years, and will never change salons. I live in London and still head back to Cambridge for my haircuts (and did when I was at uni in Leeds!) The salon itself is lovely, comfortable & modern and the staff are always really accommodating. As for the haircut itself, I have a half-head of highlights and always come away really pleased (with blonder, nicer hair!) It's hard to book in with Grant / Gary sometimes as they are so popular but unlike other places I am happy to have anyone else available, as they always leave my hair exactly how I want it (both cut and colour). My family & friends in Cambridge all use Scruffs religiously too."

Matt Newbury
"I love coming to scruffs, I have seen Charlotte, Nicola, Jenna and Christian before for my hair... and they are all fabulous at there jobs. The salon is decorated beautifully and they have the utmost fantastic customer service you could ever hope to receive in a salon! The products are great and the experience was the best if ever had. I couldn't recommended this salon and it's stylists anymore, you won't be disappointed!"

Ele Holloway
"I've been having my hair cut by Garry (and occasionally his brother Grant) since 1995 after a recommendation from a friend. Before going to Scruffs, having my haircut was as scary as going to the dentist (much more so!). I'd just get used to a hairdresser, then they'd leave. Being a family business, and a great one at that, I know it is here to stay. Having my hair cut there is more a catch up with old friends. Love it!"

Clare Hoskins
"I went to Scruffs to model when their trainees were practicing new technics. Everyone is really nice and friendly and patient with the young ones learning. My hair is really thick and wavy and I was offered some really great advice and product recommendations."

Sarah Colwell
"Well, Garry has been 'doing' my hair since 1996 and I will never go anywhere else! He is simply brilliant, knows exactly what will suit me and does it perfectly. the whole experience is a real treat and I look forward to my appointments, not just for the cut but for the banter and the coffee! Fabulous place - worth every penny :D"

Susan Croft
I've been going to Scruffs for 25 years now- apart from one cut when I was unable to get to the salon- never again, it just wasn't right. I now travel 200 miles every 6 weeks to get my hair cut! some people think I am mad, I think it is worth it ! Bad hair days don't exist when Grant cuts my hair! Thank you

Soraya Denney
"Scruffs is absolutely fantastic - great value for the money! Garry comes across as passionate and genuinely interested to give you the best he can to make you look the best you can - and he does! You will feel instantly at ease, realising that you have a professional looking after you and I know this for a fact because I went in (first time in Scruffs!) for a radical hairstyle change and I left Scruffs smiling, skipping down the road with confidence in every step - trust me, that is not easy at 54 years of age!!!"

Chris McCartney
"Growing up I had a series of terrible experiences with hairdressers who had no idea how to give me a decent haircut (being a bloke with longer than average hair, the idea that I *didn't* want a short back and sides seemed to elude them). Thankfully I found Scruffs! I personally see Grant, who is brilliant, and I have various family members who see other stylists. A fantastic team, friendly service and all in an utterly gorgeous new building."

Suzy Moore
"Best haircut ever after a terrible cut and colour else where."